ChatGPT: Can AI Build Empathy?

ChatGPT is all the rage While we believe AI can’t speak for people, we’re excited about the potential for utilizing this technology as a catalyst in our efforts to listen to people, build empathy, and help brands make the most meaningful connections possible with their audiences.  Without further ado, here's our first take on ChatGPT:



Genuine applause to the New York Times. On Monday March 6th, 2023 the paper published a separate section entitled What You Don’t Know About...

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From Trash To People First

At Bovitz, we believe in brands that put people first, placing people’s needs hand in hand with profit goals. Accordingly, shoutout to Twig, a new...

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People First Fashion

A dominant question that permeates the recent reviews of Milan fashion week, and indeed the broader conversation about expensive fashion, is how are...

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